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We have plenty offree business planning resourcesavailable to help you with your planning. You can download our resources to learn all about business planning. A business plan will help you put your efforts in the right direction and create effective business strategies. Also, with the help of various online resources, it would no longer take eons to create your business plan. Long-term goals are the things you want to accomplish in the future.

Name one groomer you know with AMAZING blog content. A common misconception when it comes to groomers is that they think they only need to post on Instagram to show their work and then call it a day. And while that may work for some temporarily, there is always room for growth, especially in a platform where the content keeps working for you. It can continually grow exponentially compared to an Instagram post that gets lost in the feed immediately and only gets seen by a tiny percentage of your followers.


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It’s 100% original and has never been published elsewhere. If you follow these tips and stay consistent with your pitching, you’ll be well on your way to getting paid to write about pets. If you are a dog owner and looking for advice on grooming your dog the right way you’re in the right place. For the most part dog grooming is either done incorrectly or not at all! My aim is educate dog owners just like you to become experts at DIY dog grooming. Puppy Paws provides the finest dog grooming & daycare Service service in Edmond Oklahoma which will make them feel great and look fantastic.

– is a widely read magazine geared toward cat lovers. They publish articles relating to topics like cat behavior, cat food, care and wellbeing, breeds, and lifestyle. Is a natural pet magazine dedicated to promoting holistic care for dogs and cats.

Plus all the other things from managing your services, clients and finances. They seek cutting-edge feature stories from freelancers who can write about pets and create authoritative content on these topics. This blog provides tips on dog grooming and dog grooming training. Find out how to train as a dog groomer, how to do your own dog grooming, where to buy grooming supplies. PamperingDogs is focused on providing help for both professional groomers & dog owners.

If you have to, look for advisory board members who have worked in the pet business or who have run small businesses successfully. That is, how many people are interested in your business of grooming dogs? You can get such a number by figuring out how big the market is in the whole country and then applying that number to the number of people in your area. Your executive summary is the first part of your business plan, but you usually write it last because it’s a summary of all the important parts. Grooming salons generally require pet owners to provide proof of vaccinations before accepting a dog for an appointment. That said, anyone working with animals in a hands-on capacity should be careful and take proper safety precautions to minimize the risk of bites and scratches.

Talk about how people could keep coming to your location. In the section of your business plan called “Company Analysis,” you need to explain what kind of dog grooming business you will run and give some history about the business. If your team is lacking, consider assembling an advisory board. An advisory board would include 2 to 8 individuals who would act like mentors to your business.

You can also provide a small head shot if you like. This is an excellent way to enjoy the free promotion, so we’d love to hear from you. If you choose to do a profile for a breed that has not been done previously, you can download our breed templateand fill in the information based on your own knowledge. All small dog breeds are listed on Small Dog Breed List. We will edit all submissions for content, clarity, spelling and grammar.

For example, how many dogs will you groom every week? As you might expect, the assumptions you choose will have a big impact on the financial forecasts for your business. Try to find out as much as you can about your assumptions to see if they are true. In your industry analysis, you should talk about the business of grooming dogs in general terms. In your business analysis, you will explain what kind of dog grooming business you run. In developing your income statement, you need to devise assumptions.