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Break up your content in short paragraphs, so it’s easy to read. Write with a mobile-first mindset – include diagrams, charts, tables, infographics, videos, or other media files. On Paymo’s blog, you can read and learn how to run projects better, manage your time and team, and, in general, be more efficient and productive at work.

Anything less and the post is usually not detailed enough. We like to see posts of about two to three thousand words in length, but our minimum requirement is one thousand words. Please refer to the AP styleguide for any questions regarding style. No matter what your topic is, always relate it back to the buyer, seller, or investor whenever possible. Here at Empire Flippers, we seek to motivate and inspire our readers and their entrepreneurial spirit.

We are here to give you our platform and excited to consider posting your accounting guest post here. You must own all of the photographs you use in the guest posting or provide the necessary copyright information with each image. We’re searching for unique, relevant, and informative blogs that are well-written.

If you wish to participate, please visit, /q/. Proper credits, including a footer with your name, professional summary and photo with back-links . Perhaps you’ll soon be joining our current authors. Posts should be no more than 2,000 words and optimized with only legitimate links. 1 link per 300 words is good, with a total of no more than 2 connections.

Do you have expertise on a topic you’d like to share with our audience? These are a great way to share your expertise and advice with others in order to assist them in starting, growing, and managing their companies and money. Write to us to learn how to broaden your reach, promote your business, build links, and much more.


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If you have any queries regarding guest posting at BBALectures , do let us know via thecontact form. The CPA Journalmaintains a zero-tolerance policy concerning plagiarism. TheJournaleditors make an initial determination of the suitability of the manuscript for potential consideration. The editors make the final decision regarding acceptance, rejection, or revision, based on independent, double-blind reviews by a minimum of two subject-matter experts. Manuscripts are evaluated on the basis of technical accuracy, relevance, timeliness, readability, practicality, and comprehensiveness. The editors also consider topicality and length.

So, you must have got an idea of how you can publish your finance blog on a high-end guest posting website. Just take the right steps and you are done with posting your finance blogs guest post. If you are interested in writing accounting or tax blogs, then we want your words.