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Unfortunately, those moments are rare but alas, that is the life of an Arsenal fan. Toby is a passionate Arsenal fan who has written about the club for sites such as Vavel and ProstInternational. Toby has recently completed his Football Journalism degree from the University of Derby.

He boasts a keen interest in Italian football – particularly the work of Antonio Conte – and loves to include tactical/player analysis in his work. Passion4FM strives to increase the excitement and engagement within the FM Community. As a rather young Football Manager content creator, who aims to cover everything Football Manager, we will let ‘everyone’ contribute to the website – also non-related to writing articles. We’ll include links to related articles whether internal or external that enhance your credibility and serve a purpose.

Spread your best Football Manager tips and knowledge to a greater wider audience that is spread all around the world. Business owners who already have businesses can try writing under different topics and niches. Contents copied from other sources or already shared contents are not acceptable. We are waiting for some new and informative content which excites the audience.

Contributors are writers who can commit to writing a weekly article. Each contributor chooses a department to join and is introduced to the managing editors, editors, and fellow writers. If you want to submit an article for consideration or want more information, contact us using the email address or social media points of contact below. We always welcome writers looking to cover football in any part of the world, no matter how obscure the region or the topic. We are currently looking to add more writers to join our team on a regular basis to enhance our offering, and there are plenty of benefits to joining our team. Our content currently reaches up to1 millionreaders per month, while we also have our weeklyPodcast, with Sam and the team picking through the bones of all the latest action.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

The ability to convey the message or deliver the content within the requirements of word count is appreciated. The submitted piece should have a minimum of 800 words for opinions. For long form piece covering a historic match, a significant incident or a profile of a legend, the minimum requirement is 2000+ words. Pieces that have already been published elsewhere will not be accepted.

We are an all volunteer site which means we don’t ask you to focus on click bait or celebrity stuff to get large viewing figures to earn £1 or €1 for 1000 hits. You will be free and encouraged to write solid quality journalism on subjects and teams that interest you. Our writers have been accredited journalists at a World Cup Final. Ninety-Nine Yards launched in 2018 and covers all aspects of the American football. It is also a podcast that features interviews with both current and former NFL stars and you can listen via Spreaker and Apple Podcasts. Some of our writers and editors have gone on to great opportunities.

We are based in England and currently bring our readers all the latest news and view about the EPL, EFL, Bundesliga, La Liga and international football. FootyStats was created with one aim in mind, providing football fans with the most up-to-date and comprehensive football statistics data all built with the love of the game. Football is a global sport with an estimated 3.5 Billion fans worldwide. As one of our writers, you will have the opportunity to hone and polish your skills. In case you own a Football website and you want to feature on soofootball.com as a guest writer, you are welcome. The good part is that, unlike thousands of greedy website owners, we do not and we’ll NEVER charge for publishing football Guest posts.

Writers may also be asked to occasionally operate our social media channels . Enter your email address to follow Football Foyer and receive notifications of new posts by email. There are a wide range of categories for potential writers to choose from. All content published are the property of Footy Analyst. We pride ourselves for the integrity and dignity conveyed with our words regardless of the opinions, since the game would not be the same without respect. Expressing opinions and point of views are encouraged but submitted content must not contain offensive language or target an individual, race, religion, caste or so on.

A club writer would be expected to write at least 2-3 articles per week, but has the freedom to write as often as they want, the more the better. Areas covered include match previews, match reports, injury news as well as articles about England related issues. There is also the opportunity to write about how players from the top-six clubs are progressing during the tournament.

Silly Season offers aspiring writers a unique opportunity to both develop as journalists and get their work published in one of the biggest football websites. First and most importantly, your Love or passion for Football is key. It should be your number 1 motive of considering writing for soofootball.com. We ooze and exude passion for Football and yes, we love passionate football fans. We will never set any restrictions or force you to publish X titles within a certain timeframe. We accept one-off articles from guest writers as much as more regular content and submissions.