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It provides a nice company overview, including a How We Work to give site visitors an inside look at operations. 40 Colori’s page holds promise to readers, telling a coherent story that increases trust and transparency. 4ocean’s About Us page puts its mission statement front and center. This approach can work well for a mission-driven brand that’s working toward a goal its audience can get behind. ’s straightforward approach to its About page works. It clearly states who its product is designed for, what it values, and how the brand got started by solving a problem for aging women.


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Ultimate Guides — Are you able to write long articles covering an interesting subject? You can create a reference piece people will keep coming back to. This guideline will provide you with everything you need to know. It will increase the chances your idea will be accepted. If we found you’re violating any of the above rules, strict action will be taken which can even include removing all your backlinks from webdew.com.

We’ll also send you updates on new educational guides and success stories from the Shopify newsletter. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. The swimwear brand adds relatability by including candid pictures of the founders and their dogs.

Goodbye templates and code — design your store visually. Define your own content structure, and design with real data. For this amount of words you are granted with a nofollow link in your Author bio.

Yet we publish everything related to startups and digital products. Our particular interest lies in the insights on idea generation and validation, building an MVP, startup launching, sales and marketing hacks & tips etc. If you’re a company looking to do a guest blog on our site, please go ahead and submit a pitch on our form.

Cathy Derus’ site features bold images and crisp text. The site also highlights Cathy’s appearances in major media outlets and publications, like Entrepreneur and Cosmopolitan. This professional YouTube content creator has an eclectic collection of videos related to technology and culture and expresses that diversity all over her about me page.

It lays out fields for everything you’ll need to hand over to a developer to get your page created. Download it now, then learn how to put it to use in this post. This is simply a formality though, because we usually respond within 1-2 business days. That can be a post on your blog or an article for Medium. We’d be honored to have you sharing your insights. Tell us about your recent projects and lessons learned.

Equipping yourself with the right about us or about me template can help you expertly lay out your vision faster. That’s why our team gathered five templates to help you build the perfect about page. In your guest article, avoid making any product or service recommendations. Send your guest pitch’s Google doc link along with the email. Do not include the Word document as an attachment.

Use proper images(like Info-graphics, Facts, Graph or Stats) and Videos, etc. We only allow articles that contain at least 1000 words. Your request may have been denied if we don’t get back to you within 7 days. Our editorial staff will get in touch with you if we decide to use your article idea or piece.

Introduction – Highlight how there has been a long-standing debate within the design community about content VS Design and which is more important. Introduce the main points to be discussed in the article and how inevitably copy and design will work hand in hand to create any good user experience. More and more these days, people want to buy from companies they believe in. It’s not always enough to just churn out a product and put it in front of people. Rather, in many industries , customers want to feel like they’re buying into a movement that says something about themselves. For an example, think of a company like Toms of Maine.