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We want to publish content that adds value to our readers. Only send us a pitch if you have quality information to convey. Add a short bio of the author along with the full name and provide a link to your social media profiles or website. Our blog is geared towards anyone looking for insights and best practices in the design, video, marketing, and online proofing niche. Or other relevant topics pertaining to the subject matters above. If you think you can write about these topics in fun and exciting way, then you’re a perfect fit.


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Treat your About page like your store’s résumé, and make sure it’s updated at all times. The more you share about yourself, the closer your customers will feel to your brand. As your users scroll to the end, consider how valuable the “real estate” at the bottom of your About Us page is. Instead of creating a dead end by finishing your brand story or simply listing brand values, entice your audience to explore your products by linking to your best sellers. Incorporate persuasive content (e.g., an explainer video, data visualizations, links to blog posts) that might otherwise clutter your homepage.

We want to help promote you as the author of your article and provide an opportunity to include a byline/signature on your posts. We’re looking for you to let people know who you are and what you do in Understanding eCommerce’s community. Content must be relevant to our readership – not merely promoting your product or services. With the help of writing content for us you can increase your online reputation and your personal brand awareness at Global Level. E-Commerce Nation is a B2B Web Media specialized about online shopping.

We may choose to advertise your post through social media for further audience reach and exposure. Put simply, we’re looking for quality and original content from our guest contributors that can help us reach a wider audience. The core purpose of the Logic Inbound blog is to dispense knowledge.

✔️ Plagiarism is not tolerated in any way and the article draft is checked from this point of view. We are open to contributions of high-quality articles from our partners to our worldwide appreciatedeCommerce Growth Blog. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Any information collected is not sold to, shared with, or distributed to any third parties. It may, however, be shared with UE partners to enhance our service offering and communicate user-relevant information.

Back up your claims with links to your research or case studies confirming the information in your blog. Write about your stunning conversion rates, your success with real-time bidding, or other areas where you could be considered an authority on the subject. Hosting is an online service that lets you publish a website and/or web application over the Internet. Hosting allows you to rent space on a server that you can store all files necessary for your website’s operation. We are humans giving information to fellow humans, so sound like one in your story. Talk in the first person and speak to the readers directly.

We’re looking for contributors who’re deeply knowledgeable and passionate about digital marketing and / or ecommerce. Please be sure to include a brief background about yourself, and provide links to your social media accounts. When you write guest posts for us, you’ll also be boosting your SEO. This is because you’ll be able to include links back to your website in your guest post. This can help you improve your search engine ranking and get more traffic to your website.