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Once payment has been made these articles belong to Wonderful Malaysia. The first thing your readers will notice is the title. Your headline should tell the entire tale with minimal suspense that people will want to read. A captivating title is something that will entice people to read the material. To increase views, make the title appealing and relevant. 3 – Plagiarism-free material is preferred; please do not give us duplicated articles.

Even if the reader is unable to read the entire text, the graphics will help him grasp your journey. Criteria for guest contributions to MalaysiaWikia’s travel section. Comprehensive immigration advice tailored to your circumstances and goals. A full explanation of our process is provided below. If you would like to write for us, get in touch by following the process below.

Article belongs to AuntieReviews once the article is submitted. Make sure you have the article prepared with correct grammar. Share your ideas and experience or post questions about any specific locations in Malaysia in the forums. In case we already have sufficient content about a subject, we will let you know this as we don’t need duplicate content.

To many it might sound confusing, but writing a letter of invitation might be the easiest part of your visa application, if you have rightly understood what it serves for. The letter has to be written by the guest and addressed either to you or to the consular officer. Some embassies have their own invitation form, therefore, make sure to check about it when you get the checklist of visa required documents. If they already have a form, then your host will only have to fulfill the empty spaces with the right information.

Please limit the formatting of your article when submitting. Underline text, bold text, and italicized text isn’t needed. Our editors take care of the formatting of any article. We simply require you to submit the article with as little formatting as possible to make it easier in the editing and formatting process.

The payment can be done with a credit card or PayPal. The letter of invitation, by no means, guarantees the issuance of a visa to the applicant. In addition, the applicant must show that they will use the visa appropriately. We don’t have author bio pages, but you are welcome to add your information in the body of the text, and include a link to a personal webpage of your choice, if you wish. Your author bio should be a short and to the point paragraph that is no more than 150 words. Make sure you fill-up the information in your bio.


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If you need help with your visa application or want to learn more about obtaining a visa to travel to the U.S., please contact us via any of the means shown below. Visa application services call center agents are able to assist you via telephone, chat or email. A letter of invitation is among the documents that first-time-applicants have difficulties understanding its purpose. Actually, everything related to a Letter of Invitation is pretty simple and easy.

Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Southeast Asia Infrastructure encourages a diversity of voices and views. We promote opinion pieces, in-depth analysis and outlook-oriented articles written by experts, CXOs and policymakers. Each article must be unique , and has never been published anywhere . Pitches and completed articles should focus on Southeast Asian developments. Please note, we read each and every article manually before publishing and so it’ll take some time.

The letter should be addressed either to the consular officer or to the guest. Below you can find two samples of invitation letter for US visa. The sponsor must address a letter to the consular officer and another one to the US visa applicant. They can write this letter to invite parents, relatives, friends, and any other guest. Learn what to write about and how to get your travel guest posts authorized on MalaysiaWikia by reading this mini-guide. No, it is not a requirement to be an expert in the field of immigration law to write for us.

As well as other related topics that are relevant to the interests of our readers. You have some editing experience and you’ve also written pieces for various other publications that showcase your style and thought processes. In such case, you should revise and resubmit your content until the client is happy with it. Pick up hundreds of available jobs on the Job Board, or accept jobs that clients have sent to you directly.