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After reading first few chapters I misplaced one friendship as I was vocal about my feelings as the guide suggested. The e-book makes social abilities as one thing that must be taken accountability of and somethings that don’t take responsibility of. You go crazy and are fixated on this responsibility, non-responsibility paradigm. I misplaced even few expertise that had made me survive, because I became extraordinarily self aware, aware of others and completely unfocused from my own life. The writer has a simple to learn type and may be very self deprecating.

I was the largest nice-guy/push-over that I knew. Work, school, relationships, you name it. I have the best to express my feelings assertively while respecting others.

It is a life transforming guide, in case you are somebody who feels that they’re too good to others and feels like a little bit of a doormat typically. Some of the Exercises at the end are amazing and if you throw your self into them, you will be so shocked on how far you’ve come. Dr Aziz is sensible and sincere, following his transformation he really helps you go through yours. This is among the few books that I really have read that I say “that’s me” or “I do that” all through, so to alter that’s unbelievable. I was trying to work on my people skills, be ready to communicate higher in groups and generally people setting. I wouldn’t have downside conversing with folks however do have an issue in bigger social settings.

I do not know of another e-book which has a lot essential authentic related information packed up so nicely in a single book. If you’re additionally a type of suffering from ‘be a great boy/girl’ problem in your adult life, this one is a particularly valuable guide to undergo atleast as soon as in your life. Find all the books, learn concerning the author, and extra. 1- You are not responsible for other people’s feelings. I’m at a point in my life where I’m doing plenty of inward reflection, and Not Nice was the ideal e-book for me right now. Not Nice is for folks like myself who battle to be assertive and direct and have a tendency to take the more polite route, typically at our personal expense.

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