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Moreover, it’s powerful enough to allow you to do just about anything, so you can also use it to listen to music, edit videos, play computer games, and more. If you prefer comfort, then MacBook Pro 16’’ is the best option because it has a large keyboard and a 16-inch screen. Moreover, when closed it’s only 0.63 inches or 1.61 cm thick, which means it is easy to fit this laptop into your backpack to begin with. Moreover, you can use this device as a laptop, as a tablet, and even as an electronic sketchbook (it has a touchscreen + an in-built pen!).

Most of us are on a budget, especially if we’re just starting our freelance writing career or working on creative writing on the side of a day job. Laptops aren’t exactly known for being cheap, but you can find budget-friendly options if you’re willing to compromise on storage space and fancy add-ons. The post must be related to computers, laptops, hardware, software, web, IT and/or technology. I am often receiving contributions from “beginners”, many have been accepted and their work has been published.


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Of course, that’s the exact moment when your laptop’s battery indicator turns red, warning that you only have a few precious minutes before your computer shuts down. Minimum of 600 words, with at least one bulleted or numbered list for easier reading. Product Reviews – A feature of a new or refreshed software or hardware product. Original content only, don’t copy your content from another source and pretend it’s your work.

You might also value having a touch screen or writing pad if you’re an avid note-taker. It also boasts almost 22 hours of battery life, so you could comfortably take this away with you and write somewhere remote for a few days, and still have battery life left. If you want a really cheap laptop for jotting down notes on, no matter where you are, then the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet is a great choice.

With this degree of power, you might anticipate an unbearably short battery life. However, the Zephyrus G15 lasted 8 hours and 6 minutes on the Laptop Mag battery test, which is 3 hours and 16 minutes longer than the premium gaming laptop average. Regardless, this list of best laptops for writers will surely help in finding the right device for you. When choosing the best laptop for writers, there are several key factors you’ll want to consider when weighing up your options.