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Are you interested in making jewellery, jewellery trends or able to give advice with hints and tips and can write about it? Our online community is filled with creative and talented people so we want to hear from you at The Guild of Jewellery Designers. If we choose to publish your post, we will email you within one week with estimated publication date and link to post for your review.

Do you have a collection of archival materials or ephemera that might be of interest to others? Are you interested in preserving and expanding the history of the field? If you answered yes, or even maybe, to any of these questions you should consider writing for a publication, journal, or blog. Guest writing for a jewelry blog or publication is a great way to expand your brand reach and authority.


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All you need to do is pay attention to our guidelines, and it will ensure that your banners get an acceptance. Has just begun accepting guest post articles, and we invite everyone who understands fashion trends and all guest post contributors to share their stories, ideas, and voice to our community. We’re looking for articles about fashion, beauty, jewelry and lifestyle.

Audrey’s is a unique brand inspired by the late fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. The name Audrey’s conjures images of an iconic fashion star, who continues to captivate the world with her stunning bea.. If you do not get a reply until 15 business days, you may use your writing material elsewhere. – your research is based on accurate and real-time analysis data. The Guild of Jewellery Designers may choose not to publish your content. The content must be relevant to jewellery making, with a topic of your choice.

The content must bring value to the lives of our blog visitors. It’s quite straightforward; all you have to do is complete the form below with all of your information. Once we get your piece, it will be reviewed by our editorial team. If your content passes a test, it will be published within 24 hours of approval, and you will be notified.

Think about your audience and write your article accordingly. You’ll find countless distinct writing designs that you can draw on so ensure you know who you are writing for. If it can be to get a blog you can wish to possess a casual tone that will engage your readers. On the other hand if you’re writing a health-related article you’ll need to become much more skilled in your approach. Understanding the unique writing types online will really help you in relation to writing good articles.

Become an insiderto be first to know about new articles like this. If you take a close look at the jewellery you wear often or which has perhaps been left unworn for some time, you’ll quite likely notice it looking grimy, dull and far from its sparkling best. So many people overlook cleaning their jewellery and I’m on a mission to change that. It really will make a difference to how your jewellery looks and how well put together you are.

Rings can also be put on a chain and hidden beneath clothing if needed. For instance if you have low V-necked outfit then a pendant sitting in the V above your cleavage will work wonders. A long necklace will look great over higher necked and crew necked clothing.