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There are illustrations of a small cartoon woman with wings and a feather duster that mark each new chapter and sometimes adorn an important point in the book. There are people who are BO or Born Organized and the rest of us, who are SHE or Side-tracked Home Executives. I don’t usually go in for acronyms, but the book did change my life. The central idea of the book is that we can, even those of us who are depressed, unfocused, disorganized, overwhelmed, and worse, learn new habits.

Put the laundry hamper in the area where each person typically changes clothes. Laundry is more likely to pile up in a corner or on the floor of the bathroom if the laundry hamper is inconvenient. Make sure there’s at least one hamper for each person in your household and that they’re all conveniently located. While this might mean that, initially, you have to buy several bottles of the same cleaning products, they’ll last a lot longer because you’re not using them all over the house. Sure, you’ll spend a little more initially, but it’ll even out.

I don’t think I was really listening to the house though on this one. It would have been too much for my tiny bathroom off the broom closet. If the house was where I helped orchestrate the life of a family, I wanted to be in the company of other actors during the set changes. The easiest and satisfying part of cleaning the house is vacuuming it. Get yourself a good vacuum cleaner and clean every corner of your house. Vacuum cleaners also remove the dust from sofas, ottomans, and corners of the floor.

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Treat it as though you’re shutting down the kitchen in a restaurant. Make it a habit to never go to bed with a dirty kitchen. Take care of the dishes, clean and disinfect all the surfaces and handles, and sweep up any debris on the floor.

Accumulated dust can affect the air quality in your home and make it more difficult to breathe, so this task is as much for your health as it is for the sake of cleanliness. For example, you might dust your bedroom on Monday, the living room on Tuesday, and the kitchen on Wednesday. Work from top to bottom and left to right to thoroughly dust a room. Using this method means any dust or debris that gets swept off won’t fall on an area you’ve already cleaned.

If space is tight, you can also hang a bag on a hook inside a closet door. Clearly label your box or bag for donations, and put things into it as you go. When the box is full, take it to your favorite donation center. If you have a washer and dryer in your home, get in the habit of immediately doing laundry when the hamper is full. You’ll be more likely to put things away if it’s easy to do so. Use more out-of-the-way storage options for things you only use occasionally.

When my father had to leave, my mother was in love with someone else, he told me later that he asked Martha to check on us. The idea that there was some wish of my father’s still in the house—some yearning, some protective reverberation, something that couldn’t be dislodged—that was true. I remember sitting at my great grandmother’s feet one day, I had stopped in to visit her. We were chatting and she decided to give me a test that would ascertain whether or not I had the gift. When I handed the notebook back to her, she said, Oh well.