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Before we get into the nitty-gritty, it’s crucial for you to understand the purpose of having a killer an About Us page. Unfortunately, About Us pages are too often treated as optional or obligation rather than an opportunity to build a relationship with prospects. Enter your email to receive a newsletter with our new published daily content.

They also include the timeline of history and a few images of the services they offer. A well-built infographic might help visitors remember about you or your business better than any amount of words. Or maybe you would like to add a cool video about how your business was created, or about your story and let it speak for itself. To gain attention from otherwise distracted customers, you need to tell a story about your brand.


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Just brainstorm all things about your brand and get all the content down. Humanizing your brand by talking about the people behind will give your customers a glimpse into who powers the business. Every year, thousands of businesses lose potential customers because of the lack of a proper About Us page. If you do include images, make sure they are relevant screenshots, illustrative graphics that enhance the theme of your post. Business to consumers is also referred to as the B2C type of business. It involves the selling of goods and services between businesses and consumers.

This however requires some work – so please read the guidelines below until the very end. We reserve the right to decline the publication of any post, article, or comment deemed inappropriate. Guest blogging is one of great way to stand in front of neighbour community. Guest blogging is a great way to stand in front of neighbour community.

Once your post is accepted and has been posted on the Ecommerce Prophet’s Site, it will not be removed. Make sure not to do the promotion of your company or your client within the post. You have a space in Author Bio to write about it and link to your website from there.

Here, you can show them where, how, and when you started, and everything your business has accomplished on the way. This is your chance to share your relevant milestones and achievements relating to your business in an engaging way. You can follow the 5 steps mentioned here and keep in mind what a good about us page contains.

When writing your pitch or article, keep in mind our audience. Web Development Boost your web development company’s performance online with world class guest posts and maintain a top search engine position against your competitors. Web Design Step ahead of your online competition with a strong online profile of web design guest posts that will maintain your search engine visibility and traffic. Starting your online business, you want to create an About Us page that inspires people to shop with your company. But without knowing what to write on the page, you can waste time creating draft after draft without going anywhere. We will look at some inspiring About Us template examples to help you write your first one.