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The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. We can approve your article if you follow all the above rules. You can add one do-follow link to your website or URL.


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We’re always looking for strong voices and good subject matter. If you’re interested in writing for us, please read the following guidelines. Whether a beginner or a seasoned professional, you can write for us on the following topics. You can write how-to articles, listicle articles, informative, etc.

We abide by Google’s webmaster guidelines, so please do not ask us to accept payment for links in your article. And if your article is ready to publish and match our guidelines, send it directly for the approval process. The author retains copyright and may republish the article on his/her personal or company blog or site after the article has been published on MarketingProfs. In such cases, we ask that you cite MarketingProfs and link to the original article on our site. Please fully read these guidelines before submitting a piece to our editorial team.

If you need any help with social media advertising of your content, we do that as well. Your content will be posted on all the social media channels on @semupdatesinc and @richapathak_dm handles which has 50K+ followers. As we get inundated with requests for guest posts on Adzooma, we’ve decided to offer this chance exclusively to our marketplace customers. When publishing your articles on our web pages, you can generate greater brand awareness since you will have the opportunity to include a link to your website within the text.

There is no way to differentiate between them apart from their locations and their prices. If people read something and experience a strong emotional reaction they will click through. Your article must be original and not published elsewhere. Please do not use repeat links or repeat keywords/anchor text. Submit articles through Google Documents along with editor rights. Include at least two internal links to other relevant Selfcraft Media pages.

We will get back to you and let you know if your article will be considered for inclusion. If it is approved, we’ll let you know if it will be posted on our blog or our website. We recommend you inquire prior to submitting your full post.

The idea here is to keep your content simple, understandable, and clean so that it is easily readable with no complexity. In the recent decade, socializing has been uprooted among people worldwide. Send the final article as a Google doc, making it easier for us to edit and give feedback. Add visuals – graphs, images, screenshots, videos, wherever required.

We allow one do-follow link only in the author’s bio. And any other relevant topics you can come up with. These ads work because humans are more motivated by the idea of losing out than gaining something and by instilling time-limits, more people are more likely to click through. States “Visit Today” which doesn’t need to be said if someone is already searching for you . Most of these ads simply describe the services on offer.

Only submit original content that has not been published elsewhere on the web. Be 100% original and not published on any other resources. We are going to run your copy through a plagiarism checker, so please make sure it is written as an original. If you are looking for immediate publishing, then we have a “Sponsored Guest Post” option. Do not promote any product or service in your guest blog post. You can start by suggesting the topics you could write on, or you can email the rough draft of your content idea using Google doc link.