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If you are still confused about the whole “write for us” fuss, let me help you with striking keywords which will help you start the writings right away by the mobile phone you are reading this on. As our cryptocurrency and blockchain-related blog is one of the best on the internet, we have to maintain certain standards and cannot accept everyone’s guest post. Most search engines consider the HTML heading tag as the main heading of the web page. SEO best practices recommend that there should be only 1 h1 tag on each web page as using more than one h1 Tag can confuse search engine crawlers. The h1 tag must be correlated to the Title of that page and use the primary keyword. The h1 tag should focus on the intent of why the user should access the page.

New Content Only – We will not accept plagiarized content or previously posted content. That means you cannot submit blog posts to us that you wrote for another website or content from another website. All content submitted to us will be run through Copyscape to check for duplication.

We are publishing new articles at least once a week on our website, with several dozens of articles already published. Our newsletter, social media presence and reputation has been excellent over the years, and we aim to keep it up. Once you are in touch with our team approving your guest post, we will ask you to sumbit the full article in a Word document, in a Google Doc or any easy form to follow the layout of your article. You can always give it a try and we will definitely consider if we feel like you deserve the space in our blog, even if there is none and we are already full-on vacancies.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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In return, we promote content through our social media channels. With Make An App Like, you can reach a wider audience that is actively and eagerly waiting to read great technical content. You can write technology, finance, business, and future tech blogs for us. Or if you want, we can write, and post articles customized to your business model and requirement. We have an experienced marketing team, that deeply analyze business and strategize content accordingly.

Every SEO expert strives to obtain high-quality backlinks because your website’s authority cannot be built without them. When you write guest pieces for other websites, you gain valuable backlinks. Building a relationship with the website owner can help you land some high-quality guest posts on his site if he accepts your offer.