An Open Letter To Google

I MS is making strives towards the cloud productiveness suite. But remember, MS too, is a politically charged company. The left has taken over a substantial variety uber wasted on digital ad of trust funds that had been based to spend the cash of their founders to profit humanity. Think the Carnegies and the Rockefellers and the Fords.

CSR – when accomplished wrong like within the Google instance is a good instance. Furthermore CSR is also not required to forestall evil. This is prima facie evidence of agency conflict. The officers and board of Google Inc. have subordinated the interests of their stockholders to their very own personal / political whims. The board and officers of Google Inc. can’t be trusted as custodians of these assets.

That’s what makes it completely different from different strategy games. Generals is a different, slower game, like Age of Empires or some such. The C&C community is now celebrating 10 years of the game, and each WOL (EA’s on-line service for C&C), and XWIS (XCC WOL IRC SERVER, provided by are VERY lively with online gamers.

As an Independent voter, I way back deserted both celebration as big cash (i.e. company influence) had taken over each. A search engine ought to provide BOTH sides of any concern without the political filtering. IF that’s what Google desires to do, then I don’t have to use them.

I gave up on Google with their finagling of the climategate search results. But actually, have we not been listening to for a few years that it’s the ‘message’ that just wants adjusting, that we mentally-impoverished-masses may be enlightened, on health care, climate, et al, advert nauseum? Seems like the brand new framing for interfacing with the proles.