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20 Websites That Pay You To Write Updated for 2022

When you’re trying to break into freelance writing and make money online, you don’t have time to wade through thousands of results looking for paid gigs in your niche. It is perfectly feasible to earn quality money writing articles for websites like Cracked.com and others similar to it. However, it is also important to dispel a few common myths about these types of opportunities before you get started by facing some very important truths.

They are looking for unique lists of 10 items, usually at least 1,500 words, and they pay $100 upon acceptance of your list. They are looking for articles about mental health, relationships, and getting healthier. They also accept career-related articles (especially when it comes to achieving work/life balance and being more productive), struggles with substance abuse, and social media/technology. The third area where you can make money with International Living is the Fund Your Life Daily e-letter. Stories range from 500 to 700 words and are paid at a rate of $100.


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I have been looking at quite a few of these sites lately, and almost none of them actually publish these figures on their website. I didn’t even realize it at first, but the more I looked into Cracked.com, the more it seemed to be a really popular site. It is actually a lot more popular than even I realized at first. They service a huge audience and publish content very regularly.

It is worth signing up to the Daily Postcards archive to familiarize yourself with the style before you submit your ideas. The Penny Hoarder wants original articles on a variety of topics from cricket farming to couponing. The posts need to be practical and fun, particularly if they are based on personal experience between 700 and 900 words. The FreelanceMom community supports freelance or solopreneur moms.

My everyday job requires me to do quite a bit of writing, so it certainly seems plausible that I could use this talent to also create other streams of revenue. Every one of the sites listed here provide guidelines on humor writing, and the submission process. If you haven’t looked at a copy of Reader’s Digest recently, it’s not the same magazine it was when it launched way back in 1920.

You will need to submit a query letter and will usually receive a reply within a week. Tutsplus helps students to learn technical and creative skills through courses and tutorials. So, if you have specialist knowledge or skills, you can get paid to share your experience and ideas.

Great Escape is a site about how to get paid to travel so they are always looking for travel bloggers to share their stories. Digital Ocean is an online resource that deals with cloud-related products. They are looking for writers who can create tutorials and guides on technical subjects such as DevOps and CLoud. The Dollar Stretcher looks for frugal how-to articles and interviews up to 800 words and pays $0.10 per word – but only for print material. They will pay $100-$300 for articles ranging from 450 to 1000 words.

Generally, if you’ve not heard back within two weeks of submitting your pitch, consider it rejected and try to think of another idea to submit. Funds for Writers require articles about earning a living writing. The articles need to be 500 to 600 words with a payment of $50 for original articles, but avoid rambling, as the editors want concise content that gets to the point.